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In November 2019, Nicosia Dental Polyclinic, joined the sponsors of CHRISTINA GEORGIOU’s documentary “The Stray Story”.

Inspired from her dedication to animal rights and in particular her experiences as a volunteer, The Stray Story focuses on the perspective of rescue dogs. The films aims to shed light on the root of the problem – lack of awareness. Presenting this issue and some of the solutions, it hopes help make a difference helping rescue dogs from a harsh life not only on the streets but also in abusive homes.

The Stray Story also celebrates the incredible work of the volunteers out there and hopes to inspire more people to make a difference, any way they can: either by looking after their pets more responsibly, or by rescuing, or by supporting those who rescue, or simply by spreading the word.

As animal lovers and supporters of their rights, everyone in our clinic feels documentaries like “The Stray Story” are important to help educate and build awareness of the needs and struggles of all animals around us and how we humans are rewarded from helping these lovable characters.


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