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Refusing to become just mere observers to economic conditions not only in Cyprus but also throughout Europe, the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic believes each one of us can do something to help make each other’s days a little brighter.

And so on June 20th 2012 and every third Wednesday of each month for 18 months the Clinic’s doors were open to those who needed but could not afford. Our Doctors, Dr Marios Taramidis, Dr. Adonis Panagidis, Dr. Lana Moussa, Dr. Nikos Hatzicharalambous, Karen Simopoulos worked from 09.00 until 18.00 without pay.


We would like to thank all our friends and colleagues who supported us to make the Open Clinic Day a reality:

  • Serafim
  • Liberal
  • MEGA
  • Nikos Pattichis
  • George Danos, Colm Larkin
  • Elena Aloneftis
  • Stavros and Mister Lanta
  • George Souglidis
  • Stefanos Serafim
  • Michael Macri
  • Christiana Aristotelous
  • Pari Kyprianidis
  • Dimitris Georgiou
  • George Petrou
  • Evolution Company
  • Company Papaellina
  • Company Michailidis
  • Company Pentadent
  • Illy Company
  • Company Remedica
  • Company Chatzigrigoriou


And all of you who supported us with your love and enthuasim.


We would like to especially thank Serafim for their offer to give every child who came along to the Open Clinic Day a voucher worth €50 of school items.


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Congratulations! Does not one of us see it?

- Stamatis Kraounakis


So beautiful and sensitive! Close to you whatever you need !!!

- Danae Christou*

The "congratulations" to these doctors is too small, but it’s a start ...

- Andreas Araousos*



article 10 

Well Done! It's moving! Whatever  I can do, I am at your disposal!

- Charalambos Theopettou*

Congratulations for starting this off in Cyprus!!! I hope that many more clinics will be doing the same.

- Katerina Mina