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  • Dr Kypros Chrysostomides

    It is always with pleasure that I am treated at the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic, since several years now. It is an impressive polyclinic both as far as scientific perfection is concerned for either simple dental treatment or complicated implanting and its friendly atmosphere created by mainly its young and charismatic dentists as well as their staff.

    - Government Spokesman

  • Annabel Dimitriou

    My experience at the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic with Dr Taramides was one that changed my life. Being very nervous of dentistry in general, and needing replacement of upper teeth (implants), I was quite reluctant to go through this process. My first visit at the polyclinic assured me they were very professional, and i felt in safe hands. I was given a lot of confidence and reassurance by Dr Taramides and the staff about the procedure and I decided to go through with it.

    The implants were a "pain free" experience, done quickly and efficiently and the result being, now I have beautiful upper front teeth, giving me the freedom to smile with pride. I can honestly say, it was the best thing i have done for myself, as now I am enjoying having beautiful front teeth and have the knowledge that the next time round (the lower set) I will have no fears and that I am in the best of hands.

    I thank Dr Taramides for giving me not only a new smile, but has fully restored my faith and trust in dentistry!

    - Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Diane Avraamides

    The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic is a professionally run dental health care unit. The staff are very attentive to your needs plus they are all at least bilingual, an added advantage for foreigners like myself.

    The clinic offers a wide range of services from the routine check up, periodontal therapy, to the more advanced treatment such as cosmetic dentistry and implants. The health care cost is very reasonable and the dental offices are immaculate.

    The clinic also provides a recall service, reminding patients to attend for regular check ups this an added bonus.

    The staff are doing an excellent job!


  • Michael Hart

    I had dental implants whilst I was on a month's holiday in Cyprus. The clinic caters for all dental needs, but specializes in implantology. I can fully recommend the clinic ; they have, genuinely, made a major difference to my life. Also, importantly, my implants and treatment cost half of what they would in England - even after taking into account the cost of my holiday in the sun. Who could ask for more?!

    I would like to sincerely thank Marios and all his staff for their very friendly and extremely efficient service throughout.

    Kent, England

  • Dinos Lordos

    Dr Marios Taramides has been my dentist for the past 10 years; i remember how proud his late father, Dr George Taramides , was, when i told him, after Marios had done some excellent periodontal work for me , that despite his own excellence, I would rather have the younger man as my dentist...

    Throughout the past 10 years I have not only enjoyed excellent dental care from Marios, but also learned to value him as a considerate, caring and wonderful friend.

    - Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Andreas Giortsios

    Since my childhood I have had severe tooth problems. The last 4 years I have put my trust for my oral hygiene and dental health to the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic and especially to Dr. Marios Taramides and the other medical stuff.
    As a mass media professional with many years as a TV presenter I know very well that from the aesthetic point of view, a smile is the “weapon” for the public. Don't forget that when you meet someone just a few seconds are enough to make his/her mind up about you. And this first impression usually never changes. It is also well known that people who smile get better remarks and more positive opinions. Just think it over. Who made you a better impression? Someone with a nice smile and well formed teeth in nice light uniform color or someone with his smile full of irregularities, fillings and discolorations?
    Having a lot of tooth problems and much more discolorations in the upper front teeth I trusted the advice of Dr. Taramides and we proceeded with the porcelain veneers. Since then I just can't stop smiling!
    Thank you for the good work. My teeth and my smile are in very well qualified hands.

    - Editor of OMIKRON ANTRAS
    Program Manager Radio Sfera

  • Jane Parker

    This week at the dentist will be pretty interchangeable with last week at the dentist.These days it's where I seem to spend most of my time. If I am going to have to spend many more hours delivering my children to Polinas' expert ministration I think I am just going to move in and give our address in future as the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic, Cretes Street.

    I could think of worse places to live. There is a TV, comfortable sofas, superb photography all over the walls, a children's playroom, clean loos, good coffee, a gym in the basement...

    Things were so different when I was a child. Dentists were tantamount to torturers.

    When I think of Dr W. and that depressing 1960s surgery, I am happy for them and their dental health. Nintendo games in the waiting room, endless patience and explanations, stickers and other presents if they have been good. Fillings which are painless in the application and invisible afterwards. They don't know they are born. And you can't imagine the pleasure I get from seeing them race each other into the dental clinic as though they are going to a party...hooray for the steady onward pace of progress.

    British High Commission
    Nicosia, Cyprus

  • Margaret Doughty & Lou Habert

    Professional , friendly and highly skilled is how we would describe the staff of the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic.
    They have achieved in six visits what others could not do in fifteen visits and at a very reasonable cost !
    We have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.

    - Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

  • Eric & Pat Holmes

    Several successful months have elapsed since my implants. Congratulations to your team, your technician's, your technical expertise and supreme confidence. An extremely pleasant, modern and spotless clinic. Never before has an extraction finished before I have noticed its commencement!

    Pat & I will certainly return for other treatments, whereupon I promise to enlist your nephew's help and master the hieroglyphics on that coffee machine of yours! In our experience, a clinic most worthy of recommendation.

    Many thanks

    United Kingdom

  • John Morris

    So readers would I do it again? For the more costly cosmetic jobs, definitely yes and my dental adventure has even inspired my wife to get her veneers sorted out abroad. She much prefers warm beach holidays to Austro-Hungarian heritage and tells me that she has found a good clinic in sunny Cyprus offering bespoke dental packages.

    Apparently you can stay at some of the island's most exclusive hotels including the fabulous Anassa and pay for it from savings on a spot of teeth straightening . Perhaps she should have a few more done and take along a sympathetic travelling partner - Pass me that calculator I feel another tooth subsidised holiday coming on.

    The Sunday Telegraph,

  • Sharron Livingston

    Some of us are born with it - a wonderful set of pearly white teeth, beautifully arranged to dazzling effect and a smile to die for. They can take it for granted and indeed for their smile, the world is their oyster. But for those of us who are burdened rather then blessed with a set of mincers that are less than attractive and who only manage a wry smile – there is Mario.

    My own mouth housed a set of teeth that mimicked a wavy line of irregular shaped rocks and these were a constant source of angst. Worse, the cost of achieving a half decent smile was just too prohibitive. I needed veneers to achieve the result I was dreaming of and at £850 a tooth at London dentists I decided to look elsewhere.

    At last I discovered Dentalcyprus, and was delighted to note that I could have a set of veneers for ¼ of the price – just £250.00 tooth. So I got on the next plane to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and met Mario in the capital, Nicosia. An hourĪ†s consultation in a reassuringly state-of-the-art environment resulted in a set of fine veneers in just five days. During my five day stay I took the opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous break on this gloriously ancient island.

    My cost 8 veneers was £2,300 which included the bleaching. The holiday cost was another £1000. Total bill £3800

    The same treatment in a London clinic would have cost me £6800. I saved £3000 and got a holiday thrown in.

    Now that is something to smile about.

    - The Travel Magazine
    London, UK

  • Cyndy Galatis

    When my husband John and I had an estimate from a Periodontal Dental Clinic in the UK for some periodontal treatment and veneer work we were so shocked at the prices we were quoted, we decided to seek a second opinion. We went onto the internet and thankfully found the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. We sent an email to Dr Marios Taramides the proprietor and president of the Polyclinic and ask if he could help us.

    We provided Dr Taramides the necessary information of our dental health and after quite a lot of correspondence, all necessary appointments and a total package; we decided to go to Cyprus for 3 weeks. We made our appointments in advance so that we could start our treatment as soon as we arrived there.

    What a lovely surprise we had when entering the Polyclinic. It was modern, clean and very welcoming. Everyone was professional, friendly and highly skilled.

    I had some periodontal gum work and 6 veneers for a total cost of a third of the UK price and John had a number of implants and two crowns, which cost at least half of the price quoted in the UK.

    Dr Marios Taramides who is a Specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry and implantology was so professional and very caring towards us both, and Christina his dental nurse also was very nice, caring and efficient.

    We would definitely recommend them to anyone who is seeking some expert dental work.

    Finally, we would like to thank Marios Taramides and his staff for being so professional, efficient and very hospitable.

    Wokingham Berkshire, UK

  • Brian Robinson

    My first appointment was scheduled for 2 1/2 hours, as a confessed coward I was, to say the least, absolutely terrified.

    The dentristy actually only took just over an hour and afterwards I waited in trepidation for the anaesthetic to wear off. Completely unjustified, a dull ache for less than a day and that was all. To have three roots extracted, two implants and the preparation of three crowns in the time taken and with such lack of pain, I wouldnt believe it unless I had experienced it.

    That session went in such a blur that when you did a subsequent implant I was able to follow it better, it took only ten minutes and was no worse than a filling.
    The finished product, I am still embarrased to smile as before but only as I can't believe its me in the mirror.

    A terrific job, many thanks Mario.

    - Gravesend, Kent,

    United Kingdom

  • Isabel Cooney

    My daughter aged 20 was unhappy with her front teeth for a number of years because they stuck out and were quite large with spotted enamel. I contacted various dentists in Britain and overseas and was most impressed with the prompt and informative response I received from the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic.

    We went out to Cyprus in June and Jo had veneers fitted and her teeth whitened. The veneers are smaller than her own teeth and match her own newly whitened teeth. Her own teeth were filed down where necessary to align with the veneers. She is delighted with the end result which looks very natural and she no longer self consciously hides her teeth.

    Dr Marios was a delight as were all the staff we met and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for cosmetic dentistry.


    - DBA/System Engineer
    The Robert Gordon University,
    Scotland, UK

  • Ohaji

    I arrived in sunny Cyprus and was met by a smiling picture perfect representative who organised all my accommodation and transfers, leaving me to enjoy the experience stress free. During my first meeting with Dr Marios I requested a smile that provided a non-verbal representation of me (a bit much I know). The energetic Dr Marios replied with ‘no problem I understand let me take you through what we can do.’

    How can I describe Marios, well apart from being far too happy and cheery for someone who works as much as he does (I swear he never sleeps), he is an artist in the truest meaning of the word. A modern day comparison would be Zinedine Zidane (minus the head butting).

    He confronts his craft with charm, elegance and talent, deciding the formation/tactic necessary to achieve the desired results. Aided by his trusted Claude Makelele (Christina), who suctions here and wipes there clearing the path for Zidane to weave gracefully from canine to pre-molar to incisor and glide back to canine like a ballerina both enjoying and masterfully controlling her art. This mercurial magician turned unpleasant fangs into a priceless piece of art capable of becoming coup du monde winners.

    I would recommend Marios to anyone who was at the back of the queue with me, when smiles were being handed out. Why choose Zidane/Marios? He is the best in his chosen profession, works in a beautiful location with unbelievable scenery and does not charge exorbitant fees for something you deserve – a smile.

    Efkhareesto Marios,

    - London, UK

  • Philippa Longley

    I had been considering cosmetic dentistry for quite a while but had always been put off by the high prices in the UK. So when I moved to Cyprus, I did some research and was amazed by the high standards and very reasonable prices offered at the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. 

    I went to the clinic extremely self conscious about my teeth and after a very few visits I had a smile to be proud of. The only problem I had was that I had to learn how to smile properly and now I just can't stop. 

    I would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Marios Taramides, Lana Mousa and all the caring and friendly staff at the clinic. 

    For anyone thinking of getting any kind of dental treatment, I would highly recommend the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic. 

    - Episkopi, Cyprus

  • Heather Harding

    After suffering from gum disease and eventually teeth loss over many years through lack of preventative treatment given, I lost faith with UK dentists. I was in a predicament as to finding a dental clinic who could be completely honest with me as to the best sort of treatment I could receive. 

    After searching on the internet and looking at many overseas clinics and reading testimonial, I finally found one in Cyprus “Nicosia Dental Polyclinic”. 

    I cannot express enough the kind, honest and compassionate way I have been treated. Marios Taramides is a person totally dedicated to his work and really does give individual care and attention. The staff at the clinic have been so friendly and supportive. 

    I am so grateful to Marios for making me look and feel so much better, my confidence has improved so much. 

    - Harts, UK 

  • Natalie G.

    As female lone traveller, I was very apprehensive about both the trip and the treatment – but I needn't have worried! Marios and his team were so sensitive to my fears that I was soon at ease to let them get on with the difficult job of giving me an attractive smile with ten veneers plus whitening. 

    One week later, I flew home with new found confidence, thanks to the beautiful, natural looking teeth that were crafted for me - and I have been ploughed with compliments ever since! 

    I must add that Marios has also been fantastic out of the clinic, directing me to the best bits of the island, sending me medication during the week (when he was out of the country!), and now I'm back in the UK, checking on my progress and finding me a good dentist here. As an actress, I always felt my teeth held me back, but I finally have the confidence to smile for the camera, which is something I'll always be grateful to Marios for! 

    - London, UK 

  • Katerina Michaels

    Friends, acquaintances and family all said I looked different, younger. They couldn't pinpoint it exactly until my inability to stop smiling gave the game away. 

    The clinic is welcoming and elegant; it's decor a mixture of classic and contemporary pulled together by unusual and exotic floral arrangements. The staff is friendly, relaxed, helpful and supportive. The Italian coffee machine produces great aromatic coffee by grinding fresh beans for every cup. 

    Have I forgotten anything? 

    Oh! Yes. The splendid Doctor Marios Taramides whose ruthless pursuit of perfection belies his kind, caring and sensitive nature. His dental skill, technical prowess and application of aesthetics combined, can only be described as an art form. Pure genius by any description. 

    Transmuting my gap ridden, yellowed teeth into a smile of porcelain beauty as if by magic, the good Doctor is truly a wizard in a class of his own. 

    I visited Dr Marios again, for a tweak here, some magic there. 


    - London, UK 

  • Chris Codere

    My entire experience at the Nicosia Polyclinic with Dr. Taramides was beyond exceptional! From the very first moment I stepped into his office I knew I was dealing with an intelligent caring guy. There was no doubt in my mind that he was there for me and that he would do everything he could to help me out. 

    Throughout the entire process he was very deliberate on explaining every move he made to ensure I was comfortable. There wasn’t a second I doubted his actions and the end result sure proved that. I received 8 porcelain veneers along up my upper jaw and I couldn’t have asked for them to look better! 

    Since being back in the states, I have gone to the dentist for a cleaning and the first question out of her was, “Are those porcelain veneers?” Indeed they are, I said. “Those by far are the nicest veneers I have ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few in my career!” From then on, I knew I couldn’t have made a better choice by going to see Dr. Taramides. 

    Keep up the great work! 

    - USA 


  • Isobel Brookfield

    For the last few years I have suffered from peridontitis and unfortunately I knew this would mean that eventually I would need either dentures or implants. I didn't want dentures!! 

    So this time last year (December 2006) I decided to research all my options. Such options took me on a journey visiting a local private English dentist, then to visit a dentist in Poland and then a dentist in mainland Spain. To say I was confused about the treatment suggested, was an understatment. Not to mention the difference in prices! I was completely overwhelmed by it all! 

    I do remember though, reading an article some time ago (last year) in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper about a dental surgery in Cyprus, The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic ( and so I decided to look into this. 

    There followed some email correspondence between myself and Dr Marios Taramides from this practice. I was very impressed with their initial service and decided that I would visit Cyprus for at least a consultation. However I was travelling alone and although Cyprus is a lovely country I was pretty daunted at the prospect of arranging appointments, travel and accomodation for myself. I therefore contacted through the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic, Picture Perfect ( Cyprus medical co-ordinators to help me with all my arrangements. 

    They were fantastic, right from the intial contact, keeping me well and truly in the 'picture' before my journey, then collecting me at the airport, giving me a mobile phone, arranging and transporting me to all my appointments. It was a 'first class' service. I was well and truly 'looked after' and nothing was too much trouble. It was like being on holiday with freinds! I am so grateful for their help. 

    My treatment took 3 visits to Cyprus (8 days, 2 days and 10 days) and each time 'Jo-anna' from Picture Perfect arranged everything for me. The treatment the medical co-ordinators provided for me was very professional and a first class service. 

    The dental visits the most pleasurable I have ever had, and Dr Marios the most gentle, reassuring person I have ever met. I would not hesitate to recommend either Picture Perfect or the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic practice to anyone contemplating dental work. I know I made the right choice and the time researching this was well and truly spent. The whole process was relaxed and I had a fantastic holiday too! 

    I have not stopped smiling since! 

    - Preston, UK 

  • Debbie Nikolai

    When I found that I needed a dental implant and how much it would cost in Dubai, I searched the internet for lower cost alternatives. Although it was some trepidation that I booked an appointment at Dr. Marios's clinic, I need not have had a second thought. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology, the staff are knowledgeable and professional and it is certainly the friendliest medical environment that I have ever encountered. All this at half the price of the same treatment in Dubai! 

    The treatment was quick and painless and my new tooth is perfect! It is without hesitation that I recommend the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic to anyone seeking professional dental treatment. 

    - Dubai, UAE 

  • Claire Woolcock

    Where to start? The teeth or Doctor Marios??? 

    Both beam and exude quality but Doctor Marios, well his personality is just infectious and I can’t say that about my teeth! 

    Marios is a character. He has the perfect temperament for his profession and the most sincere qualities that you just can’t help feeling at ease sat in the dentist chair (bizarre feeling I know!). 

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was dreading my dental procedures. I have a real phobia of needles which in the past has always led me to faint and I knew the work that I needed would require some anaesthesia. I told Marios about my anxiety and joked in fact about how I would be the first patient to faint on him but he insisted I would fine. He talked me through everything and to my surprise I took the anaesthetic without any problems at all … I’m just glad I’m not a betting person otherwise I would have lost some money that day! 

    On that note (money) well I actually saved some and I’m not talking about the difference between UK and Cyprus prices… 

    The original dental treatment proposed 6 veneers but after Marios saw my teeth he decided only 4 were necessary which I thought was very refreshing. 

    And that’s just the half of it, the treatment half! Then there’s the result. 

    I am so pleased with my new smile (yes it’s a new smile not just teeth), that I just can’t put it into words… fabulous, stunning, fantastic just doesn’t sum it up and my friends will tell you that it’s not very often that I’m lost for words. 

    My teeth make me feel vibrant. Losing a hang up about bad teeth really does do wonders for a persons self image. 

    So when you think about getting your teeth done, don’t think about it as vanity, think about it as a confidence boost. 

    Thanks Marios and Team. Keep up the good work. 

    - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

  • Janet Evans

    I found the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic while researching on the internet, I had been thinking about having two molars replaced with the implant technique I have read about for some time. I have had one tooth missing for fourteen years and had had lots of trouble and pain with the corresponding on the other side. Straight I was impressed with the immediate attention to my original email for information. 

    I was very reassured to find Dr Taramides travels to other countries to lecture on the subject and has many years of experience. Next he contacted me by telephone and I could explain my needs and worries. He asked me about my dental history but obviously he would have to examine my teeth himself do some preliminary x-rays to make sure I was a suitable candidate for this procedure. 

    I felt so much better after talking to Mr Taramides as he had a reasuring calm voice professional manner and spoke excellent English. On my arrival at the clinic I was impressed with the impecably clean and comfortable and surgery. I was shown my X rays and talked through where the implants would be fitted. 

    The surgery only took about 45 minutes per side leaving a small post exposed to enable you to eat as soon as any soreness has eased pain medication is supplied but I was only a little sore for about 3 days and could eat just about anything in 10 days. Depending how the healing process goes the actual teeth are fitted about 8 to 12 weeks later. For me it was 8 weeks. My posts were removed and my new teeth fitted which only took 10 minutes and was completely pain free. To me they are my teeth, they feel the same as any of my teeth. 

    The whole experience has been positive. I did not have any pain at any stage. Everyone I had contact with was charming and as for the price all I can say is I was quoted twice the amount for the same thing in England. I am so pleased with my teeth I have recommended the clinic to my family and friends. I am returning to have my teeth laser whitened in October with some of the money I saved. 

    - England, UK 

  • Ian Slater

    I never thought I’d say that sitting in a dentist’s chair would be a pleasure, but that is how I would describe my treatment by Dr Marios and his colleagues. From the moment I walked into the lovely reception area at the Nicosia Dental Polytechnic, I knew I was in considerate, professional hands. What a delight to be around people who take such an obvious pride in their work. 

    What simply cannot be overstated is the psychological effective of – in my case - cosmetic dentistry. The feeling of presenting a whole new image to the world has given me a different energy and self-confidence. And the best thing? It was virtually pain-free! 

    - Edinburgh, Scotland 


  • Alix Sinclare

    If you are considering dental treatment abroad I can thoroughly recommend Cyprus as a stress free destination where Dr Marios Taramides and medical co-ordinator Joanna Matsentides will take good care of you. 

    Before I went out to Cyprus I had already established a relationship over a couple of months with both Dr Marios and Joanna via emails and telephone. These included emailing my dental charts and x-rays for consultation and direct calls from Dr Marios to discuss my problems and confirmation of my travel details, appointments and transfers with Joanna. Communication was excellent which was very reassuring. 

    My first visit was for a week in February 2008 when I arrived with a mouth full of problems. I had a consultation and agreed a treatment plan, further treatment that week and then returned in April for a second week to complete the procedures. I had an implant, two crowns and sessions with Karen who is the practice’s hygienist. 

    Dr Marios is an excellent dentist who strives for perfection and client satisfaction. I also found him to be very warm and friendly. The implant was virtually painless and the aesthetics carefully considered. 

    Joanna offered a reassuring presence throughout, driving me to and from my appointments. She is a Cypriot who has lived in the UK and is bilingual and therefore is able to offer support with any necessary negotiations. She obviously loves her work and is very conscientious and reliable, caring for and considering others seems to come naturally to her. Joanna worked very hard to make my trips both enjoyable and successful. 

    I hope to return to Cyprus for further dental work. I consider the standard of treatment to be higher and the costs lower than in the UK. Dr Marios, his team and Joanna went the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction with the whole procedure. 

    - Ashburton Devon, UK

  • Lewis Berger

    I would like to express my thanks for the care and professional attention paid to me by Dr Taramides and his staff in the series of visits I paid to the clinic, in order to have three dental implants and a bridge of five teeth. 

    The experience was marked by the very high standards of patient care, professional expertise and ‘state of the art’ equipment. It was also noticeable that not only did the staff appear friendly and relaxed but the patients all seemed equally relaxed. It was as though they were all a part of one happy family. 

    Finally I must comment on the cost of treatment. In England I was quoted approximately £10,000 sterling for the work. Yet the fees Dr Taramides charged me came to a total of £3,500 sterling. At those prices there is no contest. 

    I wish Dr Taramides and his staff all the best. If I need any large-scale dental work in the future I will certainly be coming to Nicosia Dental Polyclinic again. 

    Kind regards 

    - Leeds, UK 

  • Brian Bell

    There is no doubt that anybody looks forward to a visit to a dentist, this usually implies a degree of discomfort and pain. 

    After many years of problems with my teeth and many visits to numerous dentists I was advised that the answer to my problems was to have implants. Made enquiries with friends and contacts in the medical profession, it was soon apparent that Dr Marios of the Nicosia Dental Polyclinic hass the reputation as being the best practitioner on the island for dental implants. First impressions on entering the waiting room is a calming experience with a friendly and calming atmosphere plus excellent coffee. This is compounded on meeting Dr. Marios with his beaming smile and warm and pleasant demeanour. The professionalism is immediately apparent, an initial examination followed by x-ray, discussion of treatment, the signing of a contract detailing the treatment and charges. This is followed by a series of appointments covering all the proposed treatment also Dr Marios will always see you at the appointed time, no waiting. 

    During my treatment, which included four implants, I never experienced any pain or discomfort. I am completely satisfied with my treatment a truly professional service and I am delighted with the results. I can now give a dazzling smile with confidence. 

    - UK